COVID-19 Emergency Response Information

Other Important Information 

SPBMCC Attorneys and Staff

Our entire team at SPBMCC is working remotely and will remain open for operations. We will continue to adhere to recommendations by the City and State of New York, Nassau and Suffolk Counties and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Please do not come to our office without an appointment, as we may not be able to accommodate you. 

We have taken the following steps to protect the safety of our employees, clients and colleagues:


1) Upgraded our computer servers and technology so the majority of our employees can work as seamlessly as possible from their homes to help prevent the community spread of the coronavirus. We stress that we remain fully operational, and are available 24/7 to handle client intakes and new cases. We will provide uninterrupted service to our clients. Phones are being answered, emails are being returned and we continue to work on all of our cases.


2) Collaborated with the major court reporting agencies to allow depositions and meetings to occur largely by telephone or video. This will help protect the health of our clients, employees and colleagues while still protecting the rights of our clients who are diagnosed with mesothelioma and lung cancer;


3) Upgraded our ability to transact financial business electronically so we can limit the economic disruption to our clients’ lives and our vendors’ businesses;


4) Implemented remote notary services pursuant to Governor Cuomo’s executive orders; and


5) Worked with our asbestos coordinating judges to continue to conduct conferences by telephone and videoconferencing to the extent possible.

We are urging everyone to take the risks of spreading coronavirus very seriously, and are practice the continued updated health recommendations and guidelines being offered by state and federal officials. Please feel free to contact us by telephone or email to address any concerns.

Our VCF Team of Attorneys

Contact us today at 800-962-9954 or complete the form below to speak to an attorney at our office about how this may impact your case.

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VCF Personnel Contact Information: 

Jessica Denninger, Esq.

Roger Frankel, Esq.    

Connor Hopkins, Esq.

Beth Jablon, Esq.         

Ina Pecani, Esq.           

Wendell Tong, Esq.       

 Melanie Filocco             

Gregory Kalfayan           

Anne Leddy                   

Daniel McMongale  

Arantsa Medina          

Hannah Morris            

Marvin Ponce              

COVID-19 Related Media

  • Our very own Senior Partner Nicholas Papain was featured on the Joe Piscopo Show regarding the representation of 3,000 9/11 first-responders who are suffering from illnesses that make them susceptible to coronavirus (COVID-19). Watch this clip from The Joe Piscopo Show here: Joe Piscopo Show Radio Clip 
  • Newsmax Clip: Our 9/11 first-responders already are at risk for suffering from respiratory illnesses including asthma and lung disease. As SPBMCC Senior Partner, Nicholas Papain, points out during his interview with Liquid Lunch TV, these health issues can be exacerbated by the coronavirus and be a serious threat to our brave first-responders. Watch the full clip below to learn more: Liquid Lunch: Newsmax Clip
  • On Friday, March 13th, a group of elected officials and advocates called for priority testing for the coronavirus among 9/11 first-responders, as well as others suffering from serious illnesses, as these individuals are at an increased risk for infection. Learn more here: Newsday Article
  • There are several groups of individuals at a higher risk of contracting the novel COVID-19, and 9/11 first responders is one of them. Nicholas Papain, Senior Partner at SPBMCC, spoke with 1010 Wins regarding the matter, and how the 9/11 medical program needs more resources: “The problem is getting into the program. They are very backed up, they are short-staffed. We have clients who have waited months – up to a year for an appointment. It’s a great program. The challenge is getting into the program, getting treated.” Learn more here: 1010 Wins Article

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