9/11 Victims and VCF Claims: Economic Losses Other Than Loss of Earnings

The September 11th Victim Compensation Fund (VCF) provides compensation for 9/11 victims who suffered physical harm due to WTC-related illnesses such as cancer and respiratory disease. As we have previously discussed, VCF claims are calculated in terms of economic and non-economic loss.

Economic loss can often be directly supported by proper receipts and documentation showing your incurred costs. Occasionally, however, economic losses are not so straightforward and require a deeper understanding. These unique economic losses may include past out-of-pocket medical expenses, replacement of services and burial or memorial service expenses.

Sullivan Papain Block McManus Coffinas & Cannavo P.C. has extensive experience identifying these special losses and can help you present these claims to the VCF.

Past Out-of-Pocket Medical Expenses

The VCF requires the following proof from claimants who seek reimbursement for past out-of-pocket medical expenses:

  1. You have incurred and paid for medical expenses related to your eligible condition,


  1. You have not been, and will not be, reimbursed for that expense by a third party.

Before filing the claim, you should prepare receipts, invoices, medical records and other proof of treatment and payment. Then, complete the VCF’s Medical Expense Worksheet to create a proper list of all expenses.

The VCF will calculate the amount of your loss after you submit your worksheet. By statute, the VCF does not compensate 9/11 victims for potential or anticipated medical expenses – your medical expense must first be proven before you can be reimbursed.

Replacement Services

Replacement services losses apply to general household-related tasks, such as cooking or cleaning for yourself or family. These can be difficult losses to prove since people are not typically paid for these services. However, if you can demonstrate that you had regularly performed these actions and a condition now prevents you from performing them, you may file a claim. For example, a bedridden cancer patient may no longer be able to cook and need to hire a person or company to prepare his or her food.

Other eligible replacement services include child care and home and maintenance repairs.

Burial and Memorial Service Expenses

The VCF will compensate for out-of-pocket burial and memorial expenses for 9/11 victims or those who have since died as a result of an eligible 9/11-related physical injury. The deceased’s personal representative must submit proper documentation (such as a receipt or published notices of the service) to the VCF, which will then calculate the loss.

Visit here to access the VCF’s Forms and Resources, and here for its Policies and Procedures guide, which provides more information about the types of economic loss.

Many 9/11 victims are still grappling with the physical effects of the terrorist attacks and the financial hardships incurred. The deadline for filing a VCF claim is December 18, 2020.

For more eligibility information regarding the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund, reach out to Sullivan Papain Block McManus & Cannavo at (800) 962-9954 and via our contact page.

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